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Re: SSH - Can't Login (3rd Post)

On 10/28/2010 10:37 PM, Brian Wilson wrote:
The ssh command and its response are just a cut and paste of the bash screen.
Trying to execute ssh -v ncc-1701 gives exactly the same results (note there
is no -v option in the displayed list).

$ ssh wilson@ncc-1701 usage: ssh [-1246AaCfgKkMNnqsTtVvXxYy] [-b bind_address] [-c cipher_spec]... ^ There it is. ;-)

I really didn't doubt that you cut and paste the output once I looked at
it but I'm glad you confirmed it.

I've attached a new cygcheck output (-svr) as you suggested.  One thing I
noted was that the uname -a output says I have Cygwin 1.7.1 and this
confuses me.  I've updated on a regular basis and reboot whenever the
installation requests me to do so.  I should have the 1.7.7-1 release.  The
cygcheck seems to have differing 1.7* information.  Is there some magic
translation I need to know of to get the correct release number?

No, if it's reporting 1.7.1, I expect that's the version you're running. And I expect that's coming into play here. But go ahead and double check it in the Windows explorer. I expect you'll find it reports 1.7.1 too.

This is a problem.  I expect you know that you need to stop all your
services before an upgrade in order to get the new DLL moved into place
immediately, right?  If you don't do this, it will queue up the move for
next reboot.  My guess is you've rebooted at least once since installing
1.7.x > 1.7.1 but it's possible things have gotten gummed up if you didn't
and have since done other upgrades (that's pure theory though).  What's
not is that you have ZoneAlarm installed that is known to cause problems.
I'd recommend unstalling it, stopping all Cygwin services (cron, cygserver,
httpd2, and sshd), reinstall the Cygwin package, and then restart the
services.  You should find this process gives you a current cygwin1.dll
in '/bin'.  If not, we need to look at the results of the installation
process (and/or for <> ).

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