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issue with inherited handle (ssh.exe, gitk)

cygwin 1.7.7(0.230/5/3)

this issue is related to another issue reported on the list about gitk
and the fact that running 'gitk --all &' will have the xterm closed

in fact I noticed that right before the xterm close the string 'exit'
is printed on the command line
I managed to avoid this issue by doing gitk 0>&- 1>&- 2>&-

in another program I spawn a ssh.exe with stderr, stdin, stdout
redirected to pipes, and for some strange reason the 'Password:'
string is still displayed on the terminal and isn't read from the

it looks like cygwin as issue with inherited filedescriptor and by
some way a child can still access the parent filedescriptors.... even
if the child is in background

thanks and regards

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