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Re: bash script + heredoc + tftp = bash ends unexpectedly

Hi Gary,

On Tue, Oct 26, 2010 at 11:24 AM, Gary  wrote:
> Gary wrote:
>> The result of which is that I briefly see "hmmmm..." before the script,
>> terminal (mintty), and bash processes all simply vanish. Now, even if my
>> script is wrong, that seems... just mean.
> Hmm. Only happens if I start the script from the current directory, like so:
> ?. foo

Note that the dot above does not mean the current directory. It is the same as

source foo

The following should have the same effect:

. /my/script/path/foo

I think the difference between the two cases is that ". foo" executes
the commands in foo in the current bash instance (as if you typed them
at the prompt) whereas the others all launch a separate bash process.

I tried to reproduce your experiment but it always just ended
normally, perhaps because I don't have tftp installed.

Are you sure you don't have "exit" in your script somewhere?

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