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Re: Max memory page hosed my cygwin registry - how to get it back?

On Fri, Oct 22, 2010 at 10:13:36PM +0000, Saurabh T wrote:
>I ran the 
>regtool -i set /HKLM/Software/Cygwin/heap_chunk_in_mb 1024
>command from
>After this
>regtool -v list /HKLM/Software/Cygwin
>shows nothing.

In that case you're probably doing something wrong.  At the very least,
you aren't following the guidelines suggested here:

>Appears regtool has a different syntax than what's shown on the page.
>(a) How do I get my previous settings (default, cygwin 1.7) back?  Is
>there any problem not having the registry values in there?
>(b) Whom do I kick for writing faulty documentation?

I'd suggest reading this link, referenced at the above web page:



I understand you dont have a lot of time to respond to emails, but if you cant respond helpfully, please attempt to read the email before polluting the thread with a dismissive reply. regtool has a different syntax from what is shown on the max memory page. regtool -i set Key\Value not regtool -i set Key Value. Doing the latter seems to have removed the cygwin registry values. I asked how to get the original registry values back, and whether there was a problem not having these values. Ok I admit (b) was a pitiful attempt at


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