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Re: Bash problems, strace, performance, etc. -> More details on cause (?)

On 10/22/2010 12:32 AM, Andy Koppe wrote:

> On 21 October 2010 22:22, Lee D. Rothstein wrote:

>>> do you have bash-completion, if yes, get rid of it and try again.
>> Bash completion is installed on my system but never loaded; i.e.,
>> /etc/bash_completion is not sourced in '~/.bashrc', or
>> '~/.profile', or anywhere else.

> It gets loaded by /etc/profile.d/, which is sourced
> by /etc/profile.

Not in mine. No sourcing. It's always been commented out in all
the pre-scripts. Probably by me ages ago, when I decided that
completion was only useful in Tenex-like systems where commands
and options have whole word names like 'copy' and 'directory'
rather than 'cp' and 'ls'.

Bash completion had nothing to do with this problem, IMHO.

And, as I said in a later post, the problems were probably caused
by file locking by Adobe Reader (AAR).

*Can't Cygwin apps tell when a Windows app has locked a file
without timing out, 'strace'ing and crashing?*

The ghost AAR session was invoked from a Bash script by 'cygstart
foo.pdf', and I may have closed the Cygwin/mintty window that AAR
was invoked from.

To be clear, I believe the sequence of events of the problem is:

    cygstart foo.pdf    # which on my system invokes AAR -- ongoing,
                        # but ghostly
<invoking script completes>
<Cygwin/Mintty/Bash window closed (?) via Ctrl-D>


<long pause>
<timeout of cygwin_command>
<Cygwin and Windows both put into sssllloooowww Zombie state,
        requiring reboot>

Perhaps, if I had known what I think I know now (;-)), I could
have killed the ghost AAR process in Task Manager, and avoided
the reboot, but at the time no amount of Cygwin process hunt down
and kill worked.

Now, if I can only figure out why some Windows apps go into a
"ghost mode", where they don't appear in the task bar, or in Task
Manager's Applications tab.

The two others that I know do this from time to time are:
FireFox, and PDFcreator. Currently I'm running the FireFox Beta,
and it actually does it less that then prior stable FireFox
version. PDFcreator never gets invoked from Cygwin, to my
knowledge. FireFox rarely, if ever does. Via 'cygstart' or

With the latter two ghosties, I just kill them from the Task
Manager Processes tab.

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