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Subversion mangling names in .svn/entries metadata file

I updated my Cygwin install a couple days ago, and have ran into a
problem with Subversion mangling the .svn/entries file.

Before the problem occurred, I had done a 'svn status' with no issues.
 I committed a file, ran 'svn status' again, and received the
following error message:

   svn: Error at entry 1 in entries file for '.':
   svn: Invalid escape sequence

Looking in the .svn/entries file, the first file name should read

but is actually encoded as


Attempting to check out the repository into a new directory gives the
same error.  On another machine with a slightly older install of
Cygwin had no issues.  I was also able to check it out on a Linux box
(I did this to make sure the repository hadn't gotten corrupted

One person in #cygwin speculated it might be a locale issue.  I have
not changed anything regarding my locale, but I did see some
significant changes in locale handling have recently been introduced.

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