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Re: resolving directories

Much thanks for the information. I did shudder before I implemented
this 'solution' and agree that if I'd known, your approach would have
been very much cleaner--- for that matter had I known, I would have
upgraded the machine to match the source box and life would have been
without this little speed bump. Thanks again!


On Fri, Oct 22, 2010 at 5:01 AM, Andy Koppe <> wrote:
> On 21 October 2010 21:56, Hugh Myers wrote:
>> In a recent comedy of errors, I moved an executable from one machine
>> to another. I was at least bright enough to move its associated .dll
>> and even the .a for good measure. Not to surprisingly this did not
>> result in a working program. After some thought I determined that the
>> difference from one cygwin environment to another was the problem.
>> Given a two year difference this seemed like the culprit.
>> Unfortunately now is not a good time to upgrade the target machine, so
>> I cheated and copied the first machines cygwin1.dll (isolated in the
>> same directory along with the executable) to the second machine---
>> happiness ensued!
> Just to be clear: such a Frankenstein setup is utterly unsupported.
> If that machine really can't be upgraded properly, a better approach
> might have been to install Cygwin 1.5 alongside 1.7 on your
> development machine, by pointing at
> a different base directory, and use that to build your program before
> moving it across. Or just build it on the other machine in the first
> place. (This is assuming you've got the source of course.)
> Cygwin 1.5 of course is now also unsupported, but at least it's proven itself.
>> Sort of. My executable while it worked, was unable
>> to resolve a simple path like /usr/data/files_that_it_needs. Rather
>> than giving in to despair, I idly thought to try
>> /cygdrive/c/cygwin/usr/data/files_that_it_needs--- worked like a
>> charm.
>> So with that as background would I be correct in that one of the
>> significant differences from version 1.5.25 to version 1.7.7 might lie
>> in directory resolution?
> Yes:
> Andy
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