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Re: resolving directories

On 21 October 2010 21:56, Hugh Myers wrote:
> In a recent comedy of errors, I moved an executable from one machine
> to another. I was at least bright enough to move its associated .dll
> and even the .a for good measure. Not to surprisingly this did not
> result in a working program. After some thought I determined that the
> difference from one cygwin environment to another was the problem.
> Given a two year difference this seemed like the culprit.
> Unfortunately now is not a good time to upgrade the target machine, so
> I cheated and copied the first machines cygwin1.dll (isolated in the
> same directory along with the executable) to the second machine---
> happiness ensued!

Just to be clear: such a Frankenstein setup is utterly unsupported.

If that machine really can't be upgraded properly, a better approach
might have been to install Cygwin 1.5 alongside 1.7 on your
development machine, by pointing at
a different base directory, and use that to build your program before
moving it across. Or just build it on the other machine in the first
place. (This is assuming you've got the source of course.)

Cygwin 1.5 of course is now also unsupported, but at least it's proven itself.

> Sort of. My executable while it worked, was unable
> to resolve a simple path like /usr/data/files_that_it_needs. Rather
> than giving in to despair, I idly thought to try
> /cygdrive/c/cygwin/usr/data/files_that_it_needs--- worked like a
> charm.
> So with that as background would I be correct in that one of the
> significant differences from version 1.5.25 to version 1.7.7 might lie
> in directory resolution?



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