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Re: Win7 64bit, why so slow?

Gerrit P. Haase schrieb am 19.10.2010 um 22:50 (+0200):

> > Also, you might also be running into this problem:
> > ? ?
> No bash completion here:
> $ time bash -i -c echo
> real    0m0.312s
> user    0m0.015s
> sys     0m0.076s
> And this wouldn't cause sh, m4 or perl scripts to run that slow like
> here, like all the autotools are incredible slow for me.

I'm clueless as to whether it is related or not, but I've been enjoying
a similarly bad slowdown on Win32 for about the last four weeks. I
wouldn't say that it renders Cygwin totally useless, but it certainly
does so for certain tasks which spawn a lot of processes, which is where
i think the problem lies.

Slowdown after update on Win32 (XP Home)

But it might be a different one than what you are dealing with.

Turning on "-x" on the shell clearly shows that the slowdown is due to
process creation. Completion is out of the way, as I uninstalled it.
Security software is something I don't have.

> bash is noticeable slower with completion activated, this I can
> confirm: $ time bash -i -c echo
> real    0m1.731s
> user    0m0.325s
> sys     0m0.699s

$ time bash -i -c echo

real    0m8.025s
user    0m1.404s
sys     0m0.794s

$ time bash -i -c echo

real    0m7.910s
user    0m1.467s
sys     0m0.779s

$ time bash -i -c echo

real    0m6.560s
user    0m1.169s
sys     0m0.734s

Michael Ludwig

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