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Re: Sending signals to a subprocess

On Tue, Oct 19, 2010 at 11:17:39PM -0400, Ken Brown wrote:
>On 10/19/2010 10:15 AM, Christopher Faylor wrote:
>I would like to create a STC that would let me investigate this further, 
>but I don't know enough programming to do it. It ought to be completely 
>trivial.  Here's what happens:
>Emacs creates a subprocess that runs an interactive bash shell.  Emacs 
>wants to get the PGID of the foreground process group associated to the 
>tty of this shell, and it does this on Linux via TIOCGPGRP (or equally 
>well tcgetpgrp).  I think it uses the file descriptor of the master of 
>the pty for this purpose.  If you (or some other programmer reading 
>this) could give me the code for setting all this up, I could play with 
>it and try to figure out why I'm seeing a difference between Linux and 
>Cygwin here.  I just don't know how to create a subprocess, give it a 
>terminal, etc.

I provided a simple text case here:


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