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Re: Bash problems, strace, performance, etc.

On 10/19/2010 5:46 PM, Lee D. Rothstein wrote:
 I'm confused. Something is wrong with my Cygwin configuration
that has slowed Cygwin operation down drastically. The
performance issue follows several problems with 'bash' that
occurred while running nested scripts. The residual effect is
slow performance. I've tried 'rebaseall', and that too failed
(although frankly, I've never understood when that's called for
or what it fixes, except in the most abstract of senses.). (See
attached 'Rebaseall_Out.txt.)

The "Bash problem" generates a complaint and a stack trace. The
complaint is:

C:\_0\bin\bash.exe: *** fatal error - WFSO timed out after longjmp

The stack traces are listed in the attached file --

The highest level script that generated the problem was
'mkperlmanpdfs' (attached). 'mkperlmanpdfs', in turn, invokes
'man2pdf' (attached) repeatedly.

During several of the 'man2pdf' invocations, errors
are reported by 'man'/'groff' in rendering the 'man' "page" to
Postscript. I've learned to live with these, and only rarely do
they actually lead to omissions in the eventual PDF file. No big
deal. In at least two of the cases, however, Bash itself seems to
be reporting an error.

I've tried shutting down all Cygwin/'mintty' windows, and killing
all residual Cygwin processes/apps, using Task Manager. No help,
whatsoever. I tried rebooting. That did help.

I've also attached Cygcheck output. (The 'cygcheck' follows the


-    Bash_Problem_Output.txt
-    mkperlmanpdfs
-    man2pdf
-    Rebaseall_Out.txt
-    cygcheck-hvscr+2010-10-19+17-35-48.txt

The two 'man2pdf' runs that cause the Bash crashes/straces are 'cpan.1' and 'cpanp.1'. I have eye-balled each and neither appears unusual. They are, as are the 163 others Perl man pages, 'pod2man' renderings. (All of these are from the Cygwin Perl distribution.)

Also, following the reboot, performance seems to have picked up
to the usual slothfulness of a Cygwin configuration on a Vista
64-bit, ahem, OS. ;-)



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