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Win7 64bit, why so slow?

Yes, again...

Please help me, I have a new laptop, the fastest piece of hardware I
ever owned, and now I am soooo disappointed because everything on
Cygwin is slower than I have ever experienced before.  I have compiled
a lot of packages, some maybe remember my name, I was Perl maintainer
and also maintained some other packages.

I can not believe, that my ultra fast 64bit Win7 laptop can not
perform better.  It is doing nothing all the the time, besides waiting
for the output of the next line.  I called "make" today at 06:10
today, after configure finished in the night before, now it is 21:25
and the build is not finished, really!  More than 15 hours... not
counted the several hours it lasted to wait for configure to finish,
just for building xmlroff... which is not really a huge package.

  I expected the whole thing to be about 100 times faster, 1 hour to
run make, well ok that would be ok...  anyone can tell me how long it
lasts to build xmlroff on Linux?

I don't get it.  What is the problem?  What can I do?  Where to look
first? How to fix this disagreeableness?

Mit freundlichen Grüssen,

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