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Re: Finding the SONAME for bzip2

Thank you Charles,

> The bulk of that patch is concerned with the 'make install' rules. The

Yes, the installation goes only have the way. I also found at least
two bugs affecting Cygwin, one similar to a zlib bug. In case of zlib
I tried to report 2 bugs upstream. It seems they have no bugtracker
and the mailing list is a closed society. At that point I gave up. To
justify, why you want to report a bug, is too much.

> Actually, bzip2 and zlib are very poor candidates. Most larger projects

It's always the poor candidate that brings us back to the roots. :-)

> Since most projects you will encounter already use build tools like
> these, you would get more 'bang for your buck' by learning how to use
> THEM to build shared libs on cygwin, since that knowledge will apply to
> a much larger class of candidate packages.

Well, I use dozends of packages, that simply work. But a car with
three wheels still can't drive. I need to acquire the skills to fix
the tiny rest.


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All stupid questions are related to that context.

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