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Re: cygwin + xwin in win7 as unprivileged user?

The problem is, it continues running in the background with the permissions
of the user that originally started it, and then other users can't do
anything with it (even when the first user logs off and a new user logs on
it continues running).


Csaba Raduly-2 wrote:
> On Wed, Oct 6, 2010 at 7:31 PM, davidstvz wrote:
>> In any case, XWin is not crashing per se, instead when I type "exit" from
>> the initial xterminal and exit cygwin (or press the windows close button)
>> it
>> remains running in the background. ÂSo to open it again, I have to first
>> terminate it from the task manager which I suppose qualifies as a crash.
> That's rather heavy-handed. You don't have to kill the X server to get
> a new xterm. There are two separate entities here: the X server (whose
> visible presence is the tray icon) and the xterm client with its
> visible window. The X server startup just has this convenience feature
> that allows you to have a terminal window right away. On my machine
> I've disabled this; the X server is started at logon and I launch
> terminal windows when I need them, from desktop shortcuts.
> Check the right-click menu of the X server: there should be a sub-menu
> called "Applications", which should contain a menu item to launch an
> xterm. This would remove the need to stop and relaunch the X server.
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