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Re: hostname command

On 10/09/2010 12:15 AM, Hans Jørgen Aagaard Jensen wrote:

"hostname" in cygwin does not accept the normal unix/linux options as "-f", "-d", etc.

That's correct - cygwin's hostname(1) comes from coreutils, which does not support all the options that some other hostname(1) implementations provide.

We are using "hostname -f" when compiling our quantum chemistry package Dirac,

Which is inherently non-portable - you'll have to update your package to be prepared for the fact that -f might not work on all systems.

I would therefore appreciate if someone would implement at least the "-f" option of the hostname command,

If you want it in coreutils, then propose it upstream to the bug-coreutils AT gnu DOT org list. Otherwise, if you are proposing that the cygwin distro use a different hostname(1) implementation than what is provided by coreutils, then please propose a new package for that implementation, and coordinate on cygwin-apps about transitioning hostname from coreutils over to the new package.

PS. the builtin hostname in bash just ignore options. I am referring to /bin/hostname.exe.

Bash does not have a builtin hostname. When you type hostname in bash, you ARE using /bin/hostname, which is currently from coreutils.

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Libvirt virtualization library

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