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Latent issue with 1.7.7 and Win7 64-bit


I just want to report pretty annoying issues on Win7 64-bit and
cygwin. The interesting part is that by version 1.7.5 those issues
aren't occuring.
I use cygwin for testing via cross-compiler gcc and therefore let run
DejaGnu testsuite for it. This works in general fine, but randomly and
rarely I see two different kind of failures (and yes I did a
"Resource temporary busy" and/or "Bad address".
Additionally I noticed that sometimes the bash looses ability to echo
input-characters. The way to reproduce this for me is by using 'tail
-f 100 <filename.log>' and then stop the display via Ctrl-C.
Interesting here is that keyboard input is still possibly, just the
input isn't displayed anymore.

Maybe this gives someone of you a hint where the underlying issue could be.


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