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Re: Looking for experienced CygWin Users

> We've already mentioned that we need help improving our documentation.
> The documentation at the Cygwin site should, in a perfect world, contain
> what a user needs and there should be no need to go to google for
> information.  So, rather than invent some convention to make it easy
> to look up things in google, we really should be updating the words
> available on the cygwin site.

No matter what you do someone will have some other idea- this is the same
old argument that always comes up with the software itself, " you should have
written than it [awk,sed,perl,python] instead of
[awk,sed,perl,python]. Personally
I'm more concerned with having stuff that works well than help in some
pre-defined format. Even with what you are suggesting, I often have to
resort to something like using google for grep confined to a single
site. So you put up documents that looks like man pages for utility
swiss_army_knife, or take the man page for g++ as an example. You
end up having to grep through that anyway just as you end up
using google cached results to highlight what you want ( although
I have a highlight script too LOL).

The idea I had was more for collaborative document creation but
if you want to dsitrbute the work to motivated people whoreally use
the documentation, you would think you could get people who
receive email help to add their new found knowledge to a wiki page.
the point on talk list however is well taken, it seems to have
been tried and failed.

And of course in a perfect world no one would need computers
since there are no problems to solve.

( btw, I tried twice to respond on talk list and both times post was rejected
and I finally decided I have other things to do as does everyone else LOL)

> cgf

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