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Re: trouble posting to cygwin-apps


The mailing list does not accept html email, that's fair enough. 

The real problem is, it also bounces every email with a company
disclaimer about intentions and original addressees.

Well, the original addressee is cygwin at cygwin dot com, which is a public
mailing list, readable even from Alpha Centauri (with 4 years delay).

This policy is OK for most FOSS projects, but Cygwin should be an
exception. I think Cygwin is used most by 3PPs within big companies
where everybody _must_ use Windows and those disclaimers are always attached to
outgoing mail. If you are a free and sane person, attracted to unixy stuff,
you'd probably use Linux.

Yes, I've read the posting instructions, and I know I should convince my
employer to remove the disclaimers. What chance do you think I have to
convince a 20000-employee company, where central IT is not even in my
country? They also restrict access to private email from the office. 

I know, I should leave them and/or buy a smartphone for emailing. :-)

But my point is: the mailing list is cut off from its most important

Best regards

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