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Re: Looking for experienced CygWin Users

Greetings, David Antliff!

> What a disappointing trail of negativity and discouragement.

Sure it was. Probably more rough and heavy, than necessary, but if it served
the purpose, I feel fine for it.

> Isn't the need to create a separate, hopefully more welcoming
> environment now painfully obvious?

No, and Christopher had already pointed, why.

Let me put it down the one more time, hopefully clearing the understanding of
some concepts you probably missing.

1. The official support channel is already in place: this mailing list
connected to web archive you can search.
2. The quality of the answer to ANY question strongly depends on the quality
of the question itself (isn't that obvious?)
3. The lack of quality in question often means the lack of documentation. (We
assume that the inquiring person is not a moron)
4. Situation could be improved by improving documentation, obviously. If you
have enough spare time to put into web project, you're most welcome.

Back to the other issues highlighted in topic:
a) Forums. As I said, worst collaboration platform exist. Requires established
internet connection to use and generates overwhelming amount of overhead traffic.
Also wasting your time shuffling through many intermediate pages (depends on
forum layout, loading each page could take from seconds to tens of seconds or
more). Easy to start with, however, as the only client requirements is a
browser and internet connection.
b) IRC. Very good for live chat, when you need to investigate something
special and try many different ideas on the go, but not so good if you want
qualified answer to your problem. Knowledgeable person is a busy person.
He/she usually don't have time to hang in chats. Hence the channel population
tend to be weaker.

 Andrey Repin ( 08.10.2010, <6:58>

Sorry for my terrible english...

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