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Re: Looking for experienced CygWin Users

On Fri, Oct 08, 2010 at 12:17:16AM +0200, Markus Hoenicka wrote:
>just my 2 pence

And here's mine:

It just occurred to me that we already have something like this with the
Cygwin irc channel at freenode.  It's populated mainly by cygwin novices
who either just plaintively send out queries, wait a couple of minutes,
and log off or who offer well-meaning advice like "Just reinstall it.
That will fix it."

(Ok, a few cygwin-knowledgeable people hang out there too, but still...)

I do split me time by offering a very limited amount of support on that
channel but a lot of my responses suggest sending email to the cygwin
mailing list.  I do that because I don't particularly want to figure out
what's wrong with an obscure cygwin package when the OP could (in theory
at least) commuicate with the cygwin package maintainer directly.

I would expect an unofficial "newbie" support channel could be a pretty
frustrating place to be since it would probably be similarly "staffed"
with people who have only barely figured out how things work and who
could be offering marginal advice.  Then, when things don't work out, a
"newbie" will be forced to come to the official support channel where,
it is possible, we'll have to undo damage inflicted by well-meaning


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