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Re: Looking for experienced CygWin Users

David Antliff writes:
 > What a disappointing trail of negativity and discouragement.
 > Isn't the need to create a separate, hopefully more welcoming
 > environment now painfully obvious?

At first sight, you may be right. However, the OP's approach was a bit
strange as well. He silently created a forum and started to recruit
forum moderators on this list while trying (to no avail) to hide the
forum from the readers of this list. A better, and less offensive,
approach might have been to discuss the benefits of such a forum
beforehand, and if there was demand for such a thing, to set it up
using Cygwin's (or RedHat's, fwiw) resources.

I read from the OP's plans that he assumes that the mailing list and
the documentation lacks a certain amount of hand-holding for less
experienced users. Question is, why is there a lack? Is that because
everyone is trying to be mean? I can't recall a single case where
hand-holding was discouraged officially on this list. I reckon it just
didn't happen because no one cared to provide hand-holding. However,
this doesn't mean that hand-holding cannot be provided on this list,
or within the resources of this project. As the OP cannot have assumed
that the core developers would spend their time answering forum
questions in addition to taking care of the mailing list, it was
clearly intended as a forum run by less-experienced users for
less-experienced users. However, I feel that those who the OP tried to
lure away to his forum may as well step up here and provide improved
support. This should not be a matter of where you send your replies

just my 2 pence


Markus Hoenicka
AQ score 38

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