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Re: Slowdown after update on Win32 (XP Home)

Larry Hall (Cygwin) schrieb am 03.10.2010 um 20:50 (-0400):
> On 10/1/2010 8:08 PM, Michael Ludwig wrote:
> >Larry Hall (Cygwin) schrieb am 30.09.2010 um 20:38 (-0400):

> >>My WAG is you're suffering from changes in the new version of
> >>bash_completion.  If you don't use this, uninstall it.
> >
> >Would bash completion account for several simultaneous bash processes
> >on login as described? Anyway, I uninstalled it, and the problem
> >persists.
> OK.  I see it points out ZoneAlarm.  That's worth uninstalling and
> trying again.

Sorry for replying late, and thanks for your help.

I uninstalled that ZoneAlarm crapware several years ago. Looks like the
uninstall routine forgot to remove one registry key.

> You should also look at virus and other security software you have
> installed.  Uninstall them 1 by 1 to see if you can pinpoint the
> problem.

I don't run any security software other than Windows Firewall.

Multiple simultaneous bash processes trying to start up, that's what I
keep observing. Process performance is as usual, but process creation is
horribly slow, probably because it is frequently failing before it can
be accomplished.

Michael Ludwig

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