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Re: trouble posting to cygwin-apps

Really this belongs on the CMake dev list.

The new release I just posted is not really a new release of CMake, but it is a new release for cygwin. The current cmake that comes with cygwin is 2.6.4 (very old). The one I just uploaded was 2.8.2 (still old but much newer.) It has no changes at all.

We are currently working on 2.8.3, it has some of the patches you want, but not all. However, please work with me on the cmake dev list to come up with a solution that won't break all of the projects I support (VTK, ITK, and several others).

I am sure if we work together we can come up with a solution that makes everyone happy. But, I would really rather have that discussion on the CMake developers mailing list.


I do not want to create a cygwin release that does not match the upstream CMake.




As you are aware, my CMake build in Ports contains the necessary
patches.  We (Cygwin package managers) need WIN32 to be undefined for
software to build in a *NIX/X11 mode on Cygwin, and we are not concerned
with backwards compatibility with what we perceive to be incorrect
behaviour.  Without these changes, many of us will still need to rely on
Ports' CMake, continuing the conflicts between Ports and the distro
which I am trying to eliminate.

Secondly, Qt4 has been available for some time, so cmake-gui can now be
provided.  Due to the substantial additional dependencies of Qt, this
should be a separate binary package; my .cygport shows how this can be

My patches for 2.8.2 are available here:;a=tree;f=devel/cmake

Regardless of the current upstream state, I must ask you to include
these patches for our distribution so that your cmake packages will be
useful to us in the meantime, until we can find a mutually agreeable


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