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Re: cygwin + xwin in win7 as unprivileged user?

On 10/5/2010 1:22 PM, davidstvz wrote:
> Is it possible to make Cygwin work with xwin as an unprivileged user.  I'm
> even open to stupid hacks like making the entire Cygwin directory owned by
> the "Everyone" group.  I tried that but then it couldn't create a socket
> needed after I ran 'startxwin'.
> Anyway to get this working without using "run as" admin?

I don't have a solution for you, but I ran into the same issue on WinXP;
I don't believe the problem ("can't create a socket") is Win7 specific.
 Rather, I think it is a security policy setting: XWin runs fine for me
on XP and Vista at home -- but in our corporate environment, I get that

I think my company's IT wizards have decided that nobody should be able
to open a socket, unless the program doing so is specifically allowed to
do so.  By them.

Are you, by chance, trying to run XWin on a corporate network where you
might run into the same policy?  If so, I'll leave it up to you to
wrestle with your own IT wizards over that...


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