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Re: bash bug?: nested "bash --login -i" doesn't run /etc/profile (still runs ~/.bash_profile)

On 10/4/2010 12:19 PM, Daniel Barclay wrote:
I wrote:
The behavior of "bash --login -i" seems to vary depending on whether
it is a "root" invocation or a nested invocation of bash. This is
inconsistent with the description man bash, and seems to be a bug.

Can anyone confirm (or "anti-confirm") this behavior?:


When bash is started using the Cygwin shortcut (which runs cygwin.bat, which executes "bash --login -i"), bash reads files /etc/profile and ~/.bash_profile. (Running "bash --login -i" from an interactive "cmd" shell does the same.)

However, when in that first bash process, another bash is started with
that same "bash --login -i" command, bash does _not_ read /etc/profile.

Works for me.

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