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Re: Emacs Gnus elisp source?

On 10/4/2010 1:07 PM, Stephen Leake wrote:
I'm using the Cygwin X version of Emacs Gnus for email. I recently
switched from some other version of TLS to the Cygwin gnutls.

When I switched, it started prompting me for the send password with each
email I send. Previously, it would cache the password somewhere.

I'd like to debug this, but the elisp source files are missing, and I
don't see how to get the Cygwin installer to install them.

The elisp source files are in the emacs-el package.

I also don't see the precise version on the FSF Gnu FTP site; Emacs
reports 23.2.1, but I only see 23.2 there.

This is a common source of confusion. The short answer is that you should ignore the final '.1'. For a longer answer, see

Hints on getting gnutls to work better with Emacs Gnus are also welcome.

There's been a lot of discussion about this lately on the emacs-devel mailing list, which I haven't been following in detail. I think you can expect a lot of improvement in gnutls integration in emacs-24, but probably not before that.


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