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Re: Slowdown after update on Win32 (XP Home)

Larry Hall (Cygwin) schrieb am 30.09.2010 um 20:38 (-0400):
> On 9/30/2010 7:19 PM, Michael Ludwig wrote:
> >I'm seeing a painfully noticeable slowdown on my system. I must have
> >contracted this slowdown last week. My Cygwin is up to date as of
> >now, October 1st, 01:00 CET
> >
> >Starting a MinTTY (or rxvt, for that matter) from the icon I've
> >placed in the start menu does not take the usual two or three
> >seconds, but may take as much as a whole minute. During this startup
> >attempt phase, I can see various bash processes with different PIDs
> >bubbling to the top in taskmgr. I've seen up to three of them at the
> >same time when my MinTTY was trying to start as the first Cygwin
> >process, so there should have been no other bash processes around.
> >
> >This is Win32, XP Home SP3.

> Could you provide the information requested by the problem reporting
> guidelines: <>


> My WAG is you're suffering from changes in the new version of
> bash_completion.  If you don't use this, uninstall it.

Would bash completion account for several simultaneous bash processes on
login as described? Anyway, I uninstalled it, and the problem persists.
Michael Ludwig

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