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Re: setup.exe crashes when downgrading gcc4

On 27 August 2010 11:56, Peter MÃnster wrote:
> I've installed version 4.5.0 of gcc4-core, gcc4-g++ and libgcc1. Now I would
> like to uninstall these packages or go back to version 4.3.4.
> There is no possibility to uninstall these packages, when cycling in
> setup.exe, there are these possibilities:
> - 4.3.4-3
> - source
> - 4.3.4-1
> - keep

Unticking the checkbox in the 'Bin?' column next to 'New' should
uninstall it. (No, I don't understand the logic either.)

> So I select "4.3.4-3", and then "next". Then setup.exe crashes with this
> error:
> An unhandled win32 exception occurred in setup.exe [1672].

I wasn't able to reproduce this. Were you using the then-latest
version 2.712 of setup.exe? You could also try 2.721, which has just
been uploaded.

I take it you didn't click on the Exp or Keep radio buttons? Did you
downgrade all three packages you mentioned? Did it crash straight
away, after some delay, or only when it got to the 'Progress' page?

Another thing to try is to simply click Next without changing
anything, because setup automatically downgrades you from any
experimental packages anyway, unless you tell it otherwise using Exp
or Keep.


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