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Re: linux->cygwin cross build environment

On 8/25/2010 10:53 PM, Charles Wilson wrote:
> Anybody have a suggestion?  What am I doing wrong?

Based on Corinna's posted procedure
with a few changes, I was able to create a working linux->cygwin toolchain.

The changes I had to make were:

1) I had to do the "unpack a couple of cygwin distro packages" step and
the "postinstall" step BEFORE trying to compile gcc.  Otherwise,
compiling libgcc fails because of "missing stdio.h".

2) I *did* have to patch gcc's libstdc++-v3/crossconfig.m4 file.
Otherwise, I got a complaint about unsupported "host/target" combination.

3) And, since Dave's patches do modify m4,, and
files, I did run automake and autoconf manually in the affected
subdirectories, before attempting to build.

Hello World in C, worked fine
Hello World in C++, worked fine
Rebuilt cygwin-1.7.6 from source, and installed into win32 -- worked fine.

Now, how this build -- unlike my previous attempt -- doesn't have a
sysroot.  The $target libs are installed directly under
$host_prefix/$target_triple.  Also, unlike the native cygwin 4.5.0
compiler, this one doesn't --enable-libgomp nor --enable-graphite nor
--enable-lto. And builds only C, C++, and Fortran.

But...this one works.  I'll try again, with some of the other options
and maybe sysroot support, but not until next week.

I've attached my *working* recipe, based on Corinna's instructions. It
also includes the recipe for then building cygwin itself, and packaging
the results for installation on win32.


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