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Re: associating device names with cygdrive directories

Is there an easy way to find the association of a given /dev/sd? with the corresponding /cygdrive/?. Is there a good way to verify the association before writing to the device with dd?

Larry Hall wrote:
 you can certainly use the information from Disk Management to figure out
the mapping.

essentially, "Disk 0" = /dev/sda, etc.

Thanks.  That is the mapping I was looking for.

Jeremy Bopp wrote:
How would you handle the case where you have more than a single mount
which looks like that?  e.g.)

/dev/sda1 on /live/image1 type vfat
/dev/sdb1 on /live/image2 type vfat

If I know that /dev/sda1 maps to /live/image1, then I can use df and ls on /live/image1
to identify the device - easier than using dd |strings on /dev/sda1. I'm concerned
with distinguishing among USB storage devices.
Corinna Vinschen wrote:

$ for F in $(gawk '{if (FNR > 2) print "/dev/" $4;}' /proc/partitions) ; do echo "$F $(./cygpath -w $F)" ; done
/dev/sda \\.\PhysicalDrive0
/dev/sda1 \\.\Volume{781f8bd9-7d0d-11de-8012-806e6f6e6963}
/dev/sda2 \\.\C:
/dev/sda3 \\.\D:

/dev/sda1 is not available under a drive letter, so that's fine.
Nice, but evidently requires your patches, not working on my installation.
Andrey Repin wrote:

please, use "reply" option when replying to list, instead of writing new
I would use gmane to enable this, but I'm on dial-up at the end of a miserable rural telephone line in Maine, where even DNS lookup usually takes several tries, and servers that are not patient enough for lots of retries simply won't work.

Thanks everyone. I was successful in creating a bootable USB flash drive using Cygwin to dd from debian-live.img.
It was so slow, though, that I will forget about using Cygwin to clone a hard drive.

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