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linux->cygwin cross build environment

Last weekend I attempted to setup a linux->cygwin cross compiler (and
basic sysroot).  However, it didn't work: while a simple C 'Hello World'
app could be compiled, copied over to a win32 system and executed, a C++
'Hello World' did not:

1) using the cygwin-provided cygstdc++-6.dll and cyggcc_s-1.dll, it

2) copying over to the win32 system ALSO the cygstdc++-6.dll and
cyggcc_s-1.dll built as part of the cross toolchain, and running the C++
hello world app -- it didn't segfault. But it didn't print anything to
stdout (std::cout), either.

Now, I've build linux-hosted cross compilers before -- and I'm very
familiar with cygwin, too -- so I'm not exactly a novice here. But...I
wonder if I'm just doing something silly, and need another pair (or
hundred) of eyes to point out the obvious.

so, I've attached my build procedure (WARNING, for the archvies: the
compiler produced using this procedure is BROKEN. DO NOT USE).

I based my compiler on Dave's recent 4.5.0-1 release, and the current
cygwin binutils packages.

Anybody have a suggestion?  What am I doing wrong?


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