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Re: P4 can't find the TMP directory?

On 8/24/2010 4:35 PM, Jeremy Bopp wrote:
On 8/24/2010 3:28 PM, Mathew Shember wrote:

Trying to simply do a p4 client and will receive this message:

$ p4 client
CreateProcess: "vim" "C:\DOCUME~1\nasinteg\LOCALS~1\Temp\t3428t76.tmp": The system ca
nnot find the file specified.

Client side operation(s) failed. Command aborted.

I verified the configs for perforce and they are correct.

The path info is the basic windows env for XP.

I've tried playing with the paths but no luck.

"vim" is located in /usr/bin and is actually symlink to /etc/alternatives/vim, and that is in turn a symlink to /usr/bin/gvim.exe. The problem is that Windows-native programs don't know about Cygwin symlinks. You'll need to configure p4 to run the gvim.exe file rather than the vim symlink.

Or there's the Cygwin-enabled version:


It should be noted that:

  1. I haven't tried this version recently.  It could be hopelessly broken
     now for all I know.

  2. There is no source for the above executable so this is (still) in
     violation of the GPL AFAICS.

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