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Re: Cygwin setup not saving "Create icon on Desktop" setting?

Andrey Repin wrote:

> >> see "setup --help"

> >> -n --no-shortcuts     Disable creation of desktop and start
> >>                              menu shortcuts

> > This is only a band-aid.  It does not change the fact that the program
> > doesn't save the status of that checkbox from run to run.

> Why would you want to create shortcuts more than once? >.< I don't get it.

There are different ways to run the program.  I could open up a CMD
window, cd to the cygwin directory and type ".\setup".  Or I could
create a shortcut on my desktop do to this.  I do it both ways,
depending on what's easiest.  My setup.exe desktop shortcut uses the
-M switch, so I don't get the choice whether to create desktop
shortcuts.  It just does.  I thought it would remember the last
setting from run to run.

Since Christopher Faylor wrote:

> setup.exe is not designed to remember the settings.

I will add the "-n" option to my desktop shortcut.  But I could swear
that at one point in time, setup saved its settings for the next time.
 It must have been a dream.

- Jim

Jim Reisert AD1C, <>,

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