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Python, Gentoo Prefix, Cygwin: Import Error time, cStringIO, Permission denied

Hello all,

I freshly subscribed to this list, because I search a solution for a
very special problem.


I try if it is possible to bootstrap Gentoo Prefix with Cygwin. Gentoo
Prefix is similar to Cygwin itself, a Linux inside something else, but
compiled from sources.

It depends on a Version V System. It try to use Cygwin to run it on
Windows.  This involves compiling python.

Mark, I don't use the Cygwin Python builds, but compile it from the
Gentoo sources.


After compiling pyhton I run into errors when I start to use it it. It
says something like this in the logger module:

Import Error time, cStringIO. Permission denied.

Looking into the compiled sources I find cStringIO.dll and time.dll.
Both have the permissions 755. Hence permission to run them should be

Is it a path problem? Are environment variables wrong? I would expect
in that case python would complain "Modules not found" instead of
"Permission denied".

I already did "rebase" all. Do I have to reboot thereafter? I forgot
to do so, I first wanted to write this posting.

I am at the end of my wits now.


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