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Re: It's a setup issue => Re: 1.7.6-1: mount -p and mount --show-cygdrive-prefix broken in latest release

Hi Brian,

On Sat, Aug 21, 2010 at 10:53 PM, Brian Kelly <> wrote:
> Ok - so I did a re-install and mount -p is back. But a setup "bug" (probably not setup.exe's fault) was discovered in the process.
> I first tried a re-install and once again was told cygwin1.dll could not be replaced because of a running process (thought I had killed everything). Rather than quit and start over, I pressed the continue button and re-booted the laptop when the re-install completed. mount -p was STILL broken, so something sure was amiss. Turned out I had cygserver and postgres via cygserver running. (Forgot about them).

With Process Explorer from Sysinternals, it is possible to search for
open files/n-use DLLs. It shows the process which keeps the file in

>These services start automatically (along with sshd) when Windows starts up. *ALSO* I have an XWin Server in the Startup folder of the Windows Start Menu. So apparently, one of these services is starting up *BEFORE* the cygwin1.dll can be replaced by Windows at startup.

I find that hard to believe; after-reboot file replacing happens
before any processes are created. But I'm just speculating.

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