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Re: Disable recycle bin for rm command

Urban Purkat <urban.purkat <at>> writes:

> Hi!
> I see that the rm command uses the recycle bin to remove files.
> On What's new and what changed in Cygwin 1.7 -> File Access related
> changes (
> I read
> "unlink(2) and rmdir(2) try very hard to remove files/directories even
> if they are currently accessed or locked. This is done by utilizing the
> hidden recycle bin directories and marking the files for deletion."
> I was testing this functionality on Win2k8 and figured out that rm uses
> recycle bin even the recycle bin is disabled for specific partition.
> Such behavior does not fit the restrictions I have on my system.
> Is there any way to disable this recycle bin functionality so the rm
> works like before this change?
> It would also be a nice feature that Cygwin respects the Recycle bin
> settings in case it is disabled.
> I was checking the FAQ and mailing list archives and I could not find
> the answer.
> TIA,
> Urban

I was not able to find a way to disable the cygwin's own recycle.bin and
understand when exactly it gets populated. I'd really like an option to disable
the recycle.bin at all.

In the mean time I'm trying to disable the directory creation all together, ie:
touch \*RECYCLE.BIN\*

Will keep an eye if it actually helps or breaks things:)


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