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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: cygwin-1.7.6-1

Corinna Vinschen wrote:
Btw., after downloading cygwin1-20100820.dll.bz2 and bunzipping it, did
you make sure the executable bits are set (chmod +x cygwin1-20100820.dll)?

Obviously, it is the first thing I thought and checked. To summarize, I did the following:

bunzip2 cygwin1-20100820.dll.bz2
chmod +x cygwin1-20100820.dll

and the same for 20100814, 20100816, 20100818 snapshots, and for the DLL you propose here

Then from a DOS box (but also with Explorer)

cd \cygwin-2\bin
rename cygwin1.dll cygwin1.dll.orig
copy ..\tmp\cygwin1-20100814.dll cygwin1.dll

With 20100814, 20100816, 20100818 snapshots and newer-cygwin1.dll, Cygwin.bat starts and works.

With 20100820 snapshot Cygwin.bat does not start and Windows says (literally):

"Impossibile trovare il punto d'ingresso CreateProcessAsUserW della procedura nella libreria di collegamento dinamico KERNEL32.dll"

which Google translates as

"Can not find entry point CreateProcessAsUserW procedure in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll"

As you can see a mystery...

The fact that you see an all uppercase KERNEL32.DLL
looks like you have such a DLL in your path, possible from Windows
95/98/Me, possibly installed by some third party stuff, at some point
which is found earlier in the DLL search path than the lowercase
kernel32.dll in C:\Windows\System32.

Really the Windows messages says 'KERNEL32.dll' with 'dll' in lowercase, and beside this, searching ('all directories visible') 'kernl32', I find this:

----------+ 1 root Nessuno 1028608 16 apr 2007 /WinXP/WINDOWS/$NtServicePackUninstall$/kernel32.dll
-rwxrwx---+ 1 Administrators SYSTEM 1033728 21 mar 2009 /WinXP/WINDOWS/system32/kernel32.dll
-rwx------+ 1 root Nessuno 1033728 14 apr 2008 /WinXP/WINDOWS/ServicePackFiles/i386/kernel32.dll
-rwx------+ 1 root Nessuno 1033728 21 mar 2009 /WinXP/WINDOWS/system32/dllcache/kernel32.dll
----rwx---+ 1 root SYSTEM 1029120 5 lug 2006 /WinXP/WINDOWS/$hf_mig$/KB917422/SP2QFE/kernel32.dll
----------+ 1 root Nessuno 1030144 16 apr 2007 /WinXP/WINDOWS/$hf_mig$/KB935839/SP2QFE/kernel32.dll
----------+ 1 root Nessuno 1035776 21 mar 2009 /WinXP/WINDOWS/$hf_mig$/KB959426/SP3QFE/kernel32.dll

(WinXP is a symlink to /cygdrive/c)


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