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cygwin 1.7.6: df shows wrong (different?) drive information

When I run "df -h <dir>" where dir is part of a native-NTFS-mounted-drive, then df prints details about the root drive (not the mounted drive).

This acts differently if the drive is *also* mounted as a separate top-level drive. In that case, if you specify the mount point itself, it prints information about the root drive, but if you specify any subdir, then it prints the correct drive information.

For example (not actual output):

Drive 0, 100G: mounted as "C:\"
Drive 1, 200G: mounted as "C:\1"
Drive 2, 300G: mounted as "C:\2" and "D:\"

df -h /cygdrive/c => "100G"
df -h /cygdrive/c/1" => "100G"
df -h /cygdrive/c/1/subdir" => "100G"
df -h /cygdrive/c/2" => "100G"
df -h /cygdrive/c/2/subdir" => "300G"

In cygwin 1.7.5, the output was "100G", "200G", "200G", "300G", and "300G" respectively.

I should point out that I'm still using that special snapshot Corinna made for me, not the stock 1.7.6.

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