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Re: Bug tracker

On Thu, Aug 19, 2010 at 11:18:48AM -0400, Andrew Schulman wrote:
>> ?
>Auto-updating the package categories daily doesn't seem hard to me, I would
>build that if we had a bug tracker working.
>But before we get to that point, I'd have a few other questions.
>(1) Most important:  How many people care?  Do users want a bug tracker?
>Would package maintainers use it?  Would the cygwin and setup.exe
>maintainers use it?
>Andrew Schulman and Bill Blunn would find a bug tracker useful, but that's
>not enough reason to build one.  There has to be significant community
>buy-in, or it's not worth doing.
>(2) What's the best bug tracker for Cygwin?  I know Trac, and I would help
>to set it up.  Maybe that's all we need to know, but I'd like to hear from
>people who have experience with other bug trackers and could suggest which
>is likely to work best for us.
>Trac's big selling point is its integration of wiki, bug tracker, and
>version control repository views.  Only the bug tracker seems to be
>immediately of interest for Cygwin.  We could disable the other components
>and just use the bug tracker, but it's not necessarily the strongest
>stand-alone bug tracker.
>(3) Would be able to offer any server support,
>i.e. file space, PHP, and a database?

No, is not going to set up a completely new bug tracking
system just for one project.

I'm several messages into this thread and I have yet to see anyone say
"It's already there".  There is already a cygwin category in sourceware's
bugzilla database and we've already had the discussion about how it should
be handled.  We had the discussion and then nothing happened and apparently
no one even remembers that it exists.

My problem with making this available to the Cygwin community is that I
think, by and large, it is comprised of a fairly naive and nontechnical
group of people who will not provide adequate bug reports.  So anyone
maintaining bugzilla will be spending a fair amount of time closing bug
reports or asking for obvious clarification.

However, if someone wants to volunteer to maintain this and vows to do a
good job policing the database then I'll give them administrative
authority and change the wording on the web site.  I assume we'd want to
change some categories in bugzilla too.


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