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Re: Bug tracker

> ?

Auto-updating the package categories daily doesn't seem hard to me, I would
build that if we had a bug tracker working.

But before we get to that point, I'd have a few other questions.

(1) Most important:  How many people care?  Do users want a bug tracker?
Would package maintainers use it?  Would the cygwin and setup.exe
maintainers use it?

Andrew Schulman and Bill Blunn would find a bug tracker useful, but that's
not enough reason to build one.  There has to be significant community
buy-in, or it's not worth doing.

(2) What's the best bug tracker for Cygwin?  I know Trac, and I would help
to set it up.  Maybe that's all we need to know, but I'd like to hear from
people who have experience with other bug trackers and could suggest which
is likely to work best for us.

Trac's big selling point is its integration of wiki, bug tracker, and
version control repository views.  Only the bug tracker seems to be
immediately of interest for Cygwin.  We could disable the other components
and just use the bug tracker, but it's not necessarily the strongest
stand-alone bug tracker.

(3) Would be able to offer any server support,
i.e. file space, PHP, and a database?


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