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Re: Bug tracker

On Aug 19 10:41, Andrew Schulman wrote:
> > The question is if the maintainers really want that, and cgf and I are
> > just 2 out of ~60 maintainers, maintaining over 1400 packages.  From
> > these ~60 maintainers we have quite a few who either don't reply to any
> > mail about their package, or who only reply after some nudging.
> Agreed, but OTOH I'd guess that half of all of the bugs reported on this
> list are for just two packages: cygwin and setup.exe.  If the maintainers
> of those two packages think a bug tracker would be useful, we should make
> one.  If they don't, it's probably not worth bothering.

I do not agree.  On the contrary, I'm under the impression that more and
more mails are reporting packaging problems or generic problems with
using certain packages.  Bash and CRLF in scripts, for instance.
Agreed, at the time of a new Cygwin release breaking things (like this
1.7.6 release), we get more bug reports on Cygwin than usual,

> > How to set that up is YA question.  One category per package?  That
> > doesn't sounds feasible, unless we have another, *active* maintainer
> > just for keeping the bugtracker in shape.
> The list of packages could be automatically fetched and turned into
> categories, once a day.  If the package maintainer names & addresses could
> also be automatically fetched, then they could be automatically propagated
> into the bug tracker too and so much the better. ?

> The UI would need some care.  We would NOT want a pull-down menu of 1400
> categories to enter a new bug :(  An autocomplete widget for the package
> names would probably work well.

Well, most packages are sub-packages.  Like libncurses10 being a subpackage
of ncurses.  We don't need 1400 entries.  Just a couple of hundreds...


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