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Re: cygwin 1.7.6: find skipping over some directories on NTFS mount points

On Aug 19 09:50, Rolf Campbell wrote:
> NTFS Junction point: yes.  I used the builtin windowns tool
> "mountvol" to mount the disk in an empty directory.  It's
> technically mounted as "C:\.timemachine\3".
> Output from "ls -l"
> [...]
> I do not set the CYGWIN environmental variable when running find.
> I noticed something of interest, if I run "find", then it only
> descends into the "ATI" directory.  After exhausting every file/dir
> under ATI, it terminates.  But, if I run "find -maxdepth 2", it
> shows all correct output (it correctly enters all top-level and 2nd
> level directories -- it does NOT stop after leaving ATI).

Eric?  Can you have a look here, please?  This is weird.

I checked the strace, and after ascending back from the ATI subdir into
the toplevel dir successfully, find appears to exit "just so", without
any trace that it even *tries* to continue to scan further subdirs.  And
unfortunately there's no way to see why find thinks there's nothing to
do anymore.

Is there a way to debug find to find out why it exits?

> Also, ls -R works just fine (showing all 100,000 files).

That's, at least, good news.

Hmm, digging through Cygwin's readdir code, I have a vague idea.

Eric, does find honor the struct dirent d_type flag?  I'm wondering
if d_type is erroneously set to DT_REG for some reason.  If so, we
could find this out by augmenting the debug output in the Cygwin DLL.


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