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Re: Bug tracker

On 19/08/2010 14:57, Andrew Schulman wrote:
I think that a bug tracker would be a nice improvement to our development workflow. As a package maintainer, I'd love to be able to call up a page of all of the open bugs for all of the packages I maintain.
I also think that the work to set up and maintain a bug tracker isn't very much at all. I've set up three Trac installations myself, for different projects. It's no big deal, and if Trac were the tool of choice for Cygwin, I would volunteer to set it up and maintain it.

I don't have any experience managing other bug trackers though, e.g. Bugzilla, so I can't say about them and would be reluctant to volunteer to help with them.

I don't know about server space, but surely that should be available somewhere.

I'm guessing that it really comes down to what the project leaders want to support. Then again, if the community maintains a bug tracker, the project leaders don't have to be involved at all, except that it would be a much more valuable tool if they agreed to use it.

Sounds like a top idea.

I suppose the top-level management workload is more about creating / maintaining the sub-projects for packages so as to associate them with the correct maintainers for each package.

You might also want to make it clear at the "new bug" page that the tracker was only used for packages where the maintainer had elected to use the bug tracker, and that if there was no sub-project listed for a particular package then bugs for that package were not tracked in the tracker and the proper place to go would be the mailing list.


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