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Re: endless problems with SSHD - bug ??

On 8/18/2010 1:27 PM, Bob Goldberg wrote:
Larry - Tx much for your reply...

well even if chroot is "faked" (not sure what that means) - I might still be
inclined to use it...

fake == it does nothing. chroot is barely more than an empty shell (no pun intended). You won't find anyone seriously recommending its use.

Unless - is there a way I can LIMIT activity to only "scp"?
AND - prevent accessing outside what would be my "jail"?

I certainly did miss that very well titled document - no wonder my searches
were fruitless!! :-)  I'll check to make sure the path is getting set
correctly. Although, if I get scp running like I want, then I no longer
need/care about resolving this problem....

If you need to restrict access, your best bet is to use Windows permissions.

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