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RE: Existence check fails on Cygwin Perl

> From: Corinna Vinschen
> On Aug 16 18:13, Andrew DeFaria wrote:
> >  This is strange. I usually tend to use Cygwin's Perl as it is more
> > full featured and works well but there are times when I am forced to
> > use "cqperl" - a Perl that comes with Rational Clearquest - at my
> > clients. Here it seems that Cygwin's Perl utterly fails the test
> > where as cqperl - a derivative of ActiveuuState - works.
> >
> > This is using the existence check (-e) for a file. The file happens
> > to be on a share thus we are using UNC notation. It doesn't even
> > matter if "server" is a real server or not, nor whether the share
> > and path exist. Use anything you like. In fact use "server" and
> > "path" and "file". Either way Cygwin's Perl reports that the file
> > exists even when it doesn't, or the path is wrong or even if the
> > server does not exist!
> >
> I can not reproduce your problem.  I used "\\\\server\\path\\file"
> unchanged, as well as valid server and share names and just a
> non-existant file name.  In both cases the script prints "false".
> And it prints "true" for an existing file, just as expected.
> Corinna

FWIW, I was able to reproduce the OP's results, both with Cygwin's
Perl 5.10.1 and cqperl v5.8.6. I hadn't had any BLODA issues to

--Ken Nellis

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