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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: cygwin-1.7.6-1

Hi Cygwin friends and users,

I just released 1.7.6-1.  This release fixes a bunch of bugs, and
introduces a few new features.   It also contains a change which will
affect calling native Win32 API functions from Cygwin applications.

I would like to urge you to have another look into the documentation
at  It contains
a couple of improvements and the description for new features and
changes from old behaviour.

What's new since Cygwin 1.7.5:

- Add new mount options "dos" and "ihash" to allow overriding Cygwin
  default behaviour on broken filesystems not recognized by Cygwin.

- Add new mount option "bind" to allow remounting parts of the POSIX file
  hirarchy somewhere else.

- Ttys and ptys are handled as securable objects using file-like
  permissions and owner/group information.  chmod and chown now work on
  ttys/ptys.  A new mechanism is used to propagate pty handles safely to
  other processes, which does not require to use Cygserver.

- Pass on coresize settings made with setrlimit(2).  This allows
  shells to disable creating stackdump files in child processes via
  `ulimit -c 0' in bash or `limit coredumpsize 0' in tcsh.

- Locale categories contain all localization strings additionally as
  wide-char strings.  locale(1) prints these values just as on Linux.
  nl_langinfo(3) allows to fetch them.  See file:///usr/include/langinfo.h

- New interfaces mkostemp(3) and mkostemps(3).
  See file:///usr/include/stdlib.h

- New virtual file /proc/filesystems.

- clock_gettime(3) and clock_getres(3) accept CLOCK_MONOTONIC.

- Several small additions to header files.

What changed since Cygwin 1.7.5:

- Cygwin handles the current working directory entirely on its own.  The
  Win32 current working directory is set to an invalid path to be out of
  the way.  This affects calls to the Win32 file API (CreateFile, etc.).

- Change the way a process is made process group leader in case we're
  started from a non-Cygwin process.  This isn't foolproof and may need
  more work.

- Workaround a BLODA problem in rename(2) which otherwise results in
  annoying errors.

- Add more workarounds for broken filesystems which either don't grok
  reopening a file by handle (NWFS) or which are not capable of handling
  filenames with leading spaces or trailing dots or spaces (NWFS,

- Don't try to evaluate reparse points (junctions) on remote filesystems
  as symlinks.

- Improve performance of stat and a few other functions.  ls(1) should
  be up to 30% faster on some drives.

- Speed up signal delivery slightly.

- Improve error output in strace.

- cygwin_conv_path now drops the "\\?\" prefix from short paths it returns

Bugfixes since Cygwin 1.7.5:

- Fix problem where pseudo-relocs were getting applied twice, resulting
  in a crash.

- Fix a crash when accessing /proc/registry*

- Avoid that connect on a not yet established AF_LOCAL/AF_UNIX
  socket misinterprets the socket file as non-socket.

- Fix stdin/out/err handle permissions when called from a non-Cygwin

- Fix codeset problem in internal handling of process name.

- Fix abbreviated month names for japanese and korean locale.

- Fix calls to gettimeofday after call to settimeofday.

- Fix REG_MULTI_SZ handling in /proc/registry*

- Honor cygwin username even if it only differs by case from Windows

- Fix potential memory leak when accessing // or //server directories.

- Fix using a wrong handle when checking for files inaccessible to
  current user.

- Fix erroneous handling of devices in path checking.

- Fix potential crash in exec(2) if parent uses file locking.

- Return useful error code when writing beyond free space on disk.

- Fix longstanding bug where pipe() would inappropriately reuse open fd's.

- Fix several signal races which caused SEGVs.

- Fix long-standing bug when trying to open an already opened pipe
  via /proc/$PID/fd/...

- Fix a potential crash when calling "mount -a".

- Fix bug in math functions lround(), llround(), lrint(), llrint().

Have fun,


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