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Existence check fails on Cygwin Perl

This is strange. I usually tend to use Cygwin's Perl as it is more full featured and works well but there are times when I am forced to use "cqperl" - a Perl that comes with Rational Clearquest - at my clients. Here it seems that Cygwin's Perl utterly fails the test where as cqperl - a derivative of ActiveuuState - works.

This is using the existence check (-e) for a file. The file happens to be on a share thus we are using UNC notation. It doesn't even matter if "server" is a real server or not, nor whether the share and path exist. Use anything you like. In fact use "server" and "path" and "file". Either way Cygwin's Perl reports that the file exists even when it doesn't, or the path is wrong or even if the server does not exist!

$ cat'
use warnings;
use strict;

# Obviously non-existant server and file
my $file = "\\\\server\\path\\file";

# Check for existance returns true for Cygwin - false for ActiveState
if (-e $file) {
  print "true\n"
} else {
  print "false\n"
$ perl
$ cqperl

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