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Re: Mintty versus xterm colors in Vim

On 12 August 2010 18:30, JOHNER Jean 066030 wrote:
> Hello,
> Consider a .vimrc containing only the following line:
> syntax on
> Consider the following "test.f" fortran file:
> ______________________________________________________________________
> c Version 1.0
> *deck main
> c Following comments when not preceded by a blank line
> Â Â Âcharacter nvarbeta*8,nvarnhug*8,nvarpfus*8,nvarflux*8
> Â Â Âparameter (nbtnap=51,nbrnnap=51)
> Â Â Âexternal f0tfnpadd,fntaudiv,fnigana,f0gdadureeflux,
> Â Â & f0fhetauhesenflux,f0fhetauhesedureenflux,f0fhetauhesedureetflux,
> Â Â & f0tigpfus,f0f1igpfus,f0gdhigpfus,f0fhetauhesengdh
> Â Â Âcommon/coalphabetatilde/alphantilde,alphattilde,betattilde,nbit,
> Â Â & info
> Â Â Âcommon/coonetwo/one,two
> Â Â Âcommon/coidrhopedballoon/irhopedballoon
> Â Â Âcommon/cocd/gamacd10,gamacd20
> Â Â Âcommon/cogdq/gdq
> _______________________________________________________________________
> 1/ Launch the "XWin server" shortcut to get an xterm terminal
> Type:
> vim test.f
> test.f opens with the following colors:
> "*", "=", "/" are in a readable dark brown
> Continuation "&" is in yellow
> 2/ Open a Mintty terminal with black foreground and white background
> Type
> vim test.f
> test.f opens with the following colors:
> "*", "=", "/" are in a difficultly readable light brown
> Continuation "&" is in yellowish gray

Looks like vim automatically enables 256-color mode in xterm. Invoke
vim with TERM=xterm-256color to enable it in mintty too.

(You can set that variable on the 'Output' page of mintty's options.
Requires a restart of mintty to take effect.)


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