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Re: CygWin Security & Performance Issues

Here is the so-called "definition" of TOFU:

"Text Over, Full-quote Under (or, in the original German, "Text Oben, Fullquote Unten").
A combination of top posting and full quoting, which makes the messages hard to read (accoring to RFC 1855).
Often combined with raw e-mail addresses in quoted messages (see PCYMTNQREAIYR).
Added after repeated requests from Corinna Vinschen"

Ah, now everything is clear:  "Added after REPEATED REQUESTS from Corinna Vinschen"
Who apparently asked over & over & over again until they finally capitulated.

Well, whatever that jibberish was supposed to mean,
it would seem someone has a bee in her bonnet about it!!

(Oh, by the way, for those of you who don't speak German,
"Text Oben, Fullquote Unten" is just as meaningless)

Schoene Gruesse aus dem Odenwald,

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Subject: Re: CygWin Security & Performance Issues
Sent: Thu, 12 Aug 2010
From: Andrew Schulman<>

> > Please don't...
> > ... waste peoples time with meaningless acronyms.
> The meaning is perfectly clear, and posted on Corinna even
> kindly provided the link, to make it trivial for you to go and find out
> what it meant.
> The meaning expresses one of the standard requirements of the Cygwin
> mailing lists, which list participants are expected to abide by.  A polite
> reminder is entirely appropriate. 
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