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Re: Vertical split in GNU screen

Thanks a lot for your quick answer! I will be pleased if you could
post the version of Screen with vsplit patch  as a test release
because i didn't try to compile for cygwin yet!
I will try it and give my feedback! I'm on winxp sp3!

2010/8/6 Andrew Schulman <>:
>> Hi, i'm new with mailing-lists use!
>> i'd like to re-talk about a feature with cygwin screen! How can we add
>> the marvellous "Vertical split in GNU screen" with cygwin?
>> I know there were a talk about that between Jeenu V <jeenuv at gmail
>> dot com> and Andrew Schulman <schulman dot andrew at epamail dot epa
>> dot gov> the 19 Apr 2010!
>> Thanks in advance for somebody answer!
>> If i'm not at the right place to talk about this or if i don't use
>> this list in the good way, please don't shout at me, just show me!
>> Florent LOTTIN
> Hi Florent. ?There is a patch that's been available for a while, that adds
> vertical split support to screen. ?I believe that Debian, Ubuntu, and
> probably others already incorporate it into their official screen packages.
> I remember the exchange with Jeenu, and after that I did go get the patch,
> build screen with it for Cygwin, and try it out. ?What I found, if I
> remember right, is that I saw a lot of what I considered strange behavior,
> and very little documentation or help about how the vertical split feature
> is supposed to work. ?It didn't seem to me to be working very well, so I
> put it aside.
> If people would like to try out the patched version, I can post it as a
> test release. ?Maybe you can tell me if the vertical split feature is
> working the way it's supposed to.
> Andrew.
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